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Connect with Gen Z Students

Welcome to the largest, most prestigious platform for marketing to students, offering exclusive access to the UK’s largest on-campus Full HD digital advertising network. 

Strategically positioned within vibrant students’ unions, at the heart of campus life, our D6s effectively engage a captive 100% Gen Z audience. 

With over two decades of experience collaborating with the UK’s leading universities and colleges, we empower brands to connect with this pivotal Gen Z demographic.

Trusted by the nation’s top media agencies, OOH specialists, and advertisers, we deliver unparalleled opportunities to engage with this influential audience, reaching 2 million students through our premium digital network.

Media Networks


400+ Full HD D6s across more than 110 UK university campuses.

Reaches a student audience in high dwell time and heavy footfall locations in university students’ unions.

A destination media network enabling advertisers to access a traditionally hard to reach audience with zero wastage.

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Media Networks


Providing a network of poster and digital screen advertising located in social spaces within colleges, reaching students when they are relaxed and socialising between lessons.

Teenagers have a significant amount of disposable cash and spend £5.7 billion annually. Reaching this audience now develops brand loyalty for the future.

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Why choose OOH to target students?

At Eighteen-24, we provide laser-focused advertising solutions for students within universities.

With this kind of proximity marketing and digital capabilities, we can dominate locations and target universities by specific region, and most importantly target the right student audience, at the relevant moment and mindset, with the right message. 

The students’ union is the beating heart of university campus life, serving as a hub of activity, support, and community for students. It’s a place where students can come together to socialise, engage in extracurricular activities, seek assistance when needed and just hang out. For many students, the students union is a place to connect with like-minded individuals and a safe haven where they feel supported, empowered, and included.



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