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YMS Event London June 5th -6th June 2024 - partnering with Eighteen-24

Join Eighteen-24 at #YMS24LDN!

Over the past decade, the Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) festival has steadily grown into THE global gathering for youth marketers. This year, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with YMS

University of Warwick
University News

Exploring Warwick University

This month, Rosie Kelsall, our new graduate executive, shines a light on the University of Warwick, home to one of the UK’s busiest students’ unions with 286 societies and 70 sports clubs, creating a vibrant campus life where students can pursue their passions and socialise.

2024 film releases

Gen Z and the Future of Cinema

Gen Z is transforming cinema with their evolving tastes and behaviour, reshaping storytelling norms and embracing diverse cinematic experiences.
This important demographic has emerged as a pivotal force in revitalising cinema, championing #inclusivity and authenticity.

5 minutes with Jamie Voss. Student bar with a digital 6 sheet.

Freshers Roundup: Engaging Gen Z

The freshers period is prime time for brands to target Generation Z, as the new cohort of students flock to their university campuses. An Eighteen-24 D6, positioned in a students’ union, with a 10 second ad showing every minute for 18 hours, drives frequency, allows ample dwell time, and targets a pure play Gen Z student audience, with zero wastage

D6 Graduate recruitment
Student Insights

Recruiters Targeting Gen Z Students

The commencement of a new term brings a blend of exams, the buzz of refreshers, and an opportunity for students to realign their academic and social objectives for 2024. As a result, students may naturally redirect their attention to contemplate their career paths after graduation.


Retail and Gen Z Advertising

We’re delighted to announce some exciting news from our parent company, Redbus Ventures. Redbus Media divisions for Retail and Gen Z have now separated into two standalone companies, Eighteen-24 and


Students: meet your next generation of consumers

With the second highest ever number of UK 18-year-olds applying to university or college last January, universities are preparing to welcome a new cohort of students, an estimated 600,000 freshers,


Gen Z’s Fast Fashion Fix

Amongst bustling campuses across the country, a a vibrant scene of fashion unfolds as students rush from place to place. There’s glimpses of fast-fashion brands everywhere – a sea of


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