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University students are often seen as the ultimate target audience for brands – young, smart, and willing to try new things. On the downside, they are notoriously difficult to convince, with their constantly evolving tastes in fashion, music, and movies. With brand loyalties yet to be formed and minds open to persuasion, connecting with this 18-24 audience allows potential lifelong advocacy of brands. That’s why it is critical to develop student advertising campaigns that specifically target this demographic.

A popular strategy to take your brand to the heart of student life is to utilise digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens in universities. DOOH advertising allows placements to dynamically display ads targeted to the student population based on location, time of day, and the surrounding events at universities.

Here are some tips on how Redbus Media effectively markets to students through the Eighteen-24 network:

Target and Personalise

Digital screens in universities are placed in high-traffic, high-dwell time areas making it easier for businesses to target their advertising to this important demographic, and personalise specifically to each university. Location-based targeting allows brands the opportunity to promote specific businesses like cinemas, gyms, and restaurants, in close proximity to where students hang out, such as student unions, cafes, bars, and nightclubs.


Interactive DOOH ads are adapted or enhanced by the consumer’s interaction with the message, which is particularly appealing to students who are accustomed to engaging in the digital space. Social media integrations and other interactive elements can establish a connection between the students and the brand. Increasing communication with students is one of the best ways to influence them.


Students are very loyal to brands because they know they need to save money while studying. So, by including deals and special offers in the ad messaging, they’ll remember you and will be more likely to engage.

Cost-effective and sustainable

DOOH advertising in universities can be relatively cost-effective and a sustainable route to market, helping brands to reduce their carbon footprint, which is a key consideration when appealing to those environmentally conscious students.

If you’re keen to grab the attention of students across the country and influence their behaviour, let us help you. With the right strategy and tools, targeting students can be an extremely rewarding experience for your business.

By Luke Berry

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