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Instax MINI 9 & SQUARE Advertising

Agency: MJ Media
Specialist: Posterscope


The instax Mini 9 and instax SQ6 are two of the most popular cameras in the instax range.

The brand’s goal was for its products to be top of mind among the target audience – young women and teens.

Creative Execution

Instax produced a dynamic creative that gave students the chance to feature in one of its ads.

The creative included a call to action to encourage students to send photos of themselves to instax and the submitted images would then be incorporated into the ads.

The screen functionality allows brands to feature dynamic and interactive elements, which were key elements of the instax campaign. They wanted students to engage with the content on the screens and to feel a real connection with the brand.

Media Execution


  • 29th Oct- 25th Nov 2018
  • 83 university campuses
  • Key cities
  • 262 digital screens
  • 8,001,783 Footfall
  • 11,617,707 Impacts
  • 9.42 Frequency

    * Estimated 3-weeks

An additional suite of creatives that promoted the Mini 9 and the Square SQ6 were also on rotation on the screens, ensuring a high level of exposure



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