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Freshers Week – let the adventures begin!

Freshers Week, without doubt, is the most important week of the first year at university – it’s the beginning of the academic year in September, before lectures commence and when students settle into new surroundings. It’s the first time students are away from home and the first time they’re making independent decisions. With student loans kicking in, they have purchasing power which makes this period a sweet spot for brands to kick-start core relationships with this community.

As newbies congregate across campuses up and down the country, the adventure begins! New friends, new cultures, new experiences – it’s an exciting time for all university students whether they like partying or just getting involved in the daytime activities – there’s something for everyone.

University students are often seen as the ultimate target audience for brands – young, smart, and willing to try new things. With brand loyalties yet to be formed, high purchasing potential and minds open to persuasion, connecting with students allows potential lifelong advocacy of brands. It’s critical to develop student advertising campaigns that specifically target this demographic – and Freshers Week is a prominent time in the student journey to do this.

Freshers Week is a showcase of social events, societies, fairs and clubs – from football, rowing, surfing, choir to RAG. The student unions are jam-packed full of excited students, discovering their first taste of what uni life will be like! To drive awareness of products and services, many key brands take advantage of this exclusive period, by dialling up their advertising, hosting events, giving away freebies and offering discounts to students.

Redbus Media offers brands the opportunity to advertise on 380+ Full HD portrait digital screens (D6s) in 110+ universities, placed in high-traffic, high-dwell time areas, such as student unions. Brands can cut through with dynamic full-motion video campaigns, which can be complemented with interactive, experiential and brand-to-hand opportunities.

With potential to reach millions of students, advertising at Freshers Week and beyond, is a must for brands wishing to establish loyalty amongst the next generation of consumer.

Want to learn more? Get in touch for more information about how Redbus can help you achieve your student marketing goals.

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