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Gen Z and the Future of Cinema

2024 film releases

Get ready for an exciting cinematic journey in 2024 as Gen Z prepares to be captivated by a lineup of long-awaited sequels, chilling horrors, and thrilling comic book adventures. From screens in bustling student unions to serene cinemas, Gen Z’s passion for cinema knows no bounds.

But what about Gen Z’s evolving behaviour and movie tastes?

In today’s digital age, the allure of cinema has taken on a new dimension, with Gen Z leading the charge in reshaping the movie-watching landscape. With their penchant for social media-driven trends, Gen Zers are not only avid moviegoers but also influential tastemakers in the realm of film.

The draw of student discounts and promotions offered by cinema chains like ODEON Cinemas Group , Vue , Cineworld Cinemas Ltd , Picturehouse Cinemas, and Everyman , alongside student discount platforms such as Student Beans , TOTUM by OneVoice , and UNiDAYS , enhances the cinema experience for Gen Z as they flock to catch the latest flick. These incentives not only make outings more accessible but also resonate with Gen Z students’ budget-conscious mindset.

When it comes to movie preferences, Gen Zers are a diverse bunch. While comedy reigns supreme as the favourite genre, closely followed by horror, action, animation, and true crime, their cinematic interests are far from monolithic. With 45% seeking more accurate representations in media, quieter films offer relatability and authenticity. Furthermore, based on its trailers, Challengers looks truly accessible; it’s already been memed to death by Gen Z, and Zendaya’s tennis skills are all real – she reportedly trained for three months with former tennis pro Brad Gilbert before she took on the role, and the two-time Euphoria Emmy winner is ready to compete in the U.S. Open, according to Challengers director Luca Guadagnino!

In the age of viral content, clips from movies resonate deeply within Gen Z culture. Whether it’s a poignant scene from Before Sunset or a relatable moment from Normal People, these snippets serve as digital canvases for Gen Z to express their inner complexities and forge connections with fellow movie enthusiasts. Moreover, films like Past Lives, with limited dialogue and atmospheric montages, strike a chord with Gen Z, capturing life’s mundane yet profound moments authentically.

The global pandemic and influencer culture have fostered a newfound appreciation for foreign films among Gen Z. Successes like Parasite, The Boy and the Heron, and Godzilla Minus One (and hoping Mikey 17, released this year, featuring Robert Pattinson in the lead role, will be a success) underscore Gen Z’s embrace of diverse cinematic experiences, signalling a promising future for the industry.

As cinemas adapt to the post-pandemic landscape, Gen Z emerges as a beacon of hope for the industry’s revival. Their embrace of meme culture, social media activism, and diverse storytelling preferences promise a dynamic cinematic future. Gen Z’s influence on cinema is undeniable. By championing diverse voices and reshaping storytelling norms, they are ushering in an era of cinema as dynamic and multifaceted as they are.

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Kirstine Newton.

Gen Z is transforming cinema with their evolving tastes and behaviour, reshaping storytelling norms and embracing diverse cinematic experiences. This important demographic has emerged as a pivotal force in revitalising cinema, championing #inclusivity and authenticity.

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