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We’re delighted to announce some exciting news from our parent company, Redbus Ventures.

Redbus Media divisions for Retail and Gen Z have now separated into two standalone companies, Eighteen-24 and Eighteen-24, each better positioned to allow for growth and to fulfil their full potential.

Retail Media Group, as its name suggests, will operate solely in the retail space. With two decades of exclusive partnerships with Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda, the business continues to operate the UK’s only trolley advertising network, alongside the largest network of retail park 6 sheets.

The business is seeing significant growth, with record-breaking sales for 2023, as brands have begun to shift their focus towards in store media. The fact remains that 85% of FMCG sales are still made instore.

Eighteen-24 has operated for two decades and is the UK’s largest on-campus advertising network of full-HD portrait D6s in university students’ unions.

The Eighteen-24 industry-leading screens are in the highest footfall and longest dwell time locations within students’ unions. Eighteen-24 continues to expand its reach into the 18–24-year-old demographic, exploring new avenues and opportunities to grow its estate, with the clear focus on connecting brands to Gen Z audiences, and specifically students.

Our dedicated sales teams for both businesses remain the same – the same faces you know and trust and will continue to be the main points of contact.

We hope you continue to support us in our journey – do reach out if you’d like to chat. sales@eighteen24.com

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