Exploring Warwick University: More Than Just a Busy Students’ Union!

University of Warwick

This month, Rosie Kelsall, our new graduate executive, shines a light on the University of Warwick, home to one of the UK’s busiest students’ unions with 286 societies and 70 sports clubs, creating a vibrant campus life where students can pursue their passions and socialise.

How Gen Z are Shaping the Future of Cinema

2024 film releases

Gen Z is transforming cinema with their evolving tastes and behaviour, reshaping storytelling norms and embracing diverse cinematic experiences.
This important demographic has emerged as a pivotal force in revitalising cinema, championing #inclusivity and authenticity.

Freshers roundup with Jamie Voss

5 minutes with Jamie Voss. Student bar with a digital 6 sheet.

The freshers period is prime time for brands to target Generation Z, as the new cohort of students flock to their university campuses. An Eighteen-24 D6, positioned in a students’ union, with a 10 second ad showing every minute for 18 hours, drives frequency, allows ample dwell time, and targets a pure play Gen Z student audience, with zero wastage

Recruiters Focused on Gen Z Students and Graduates 🚀

D6 Graduate recruitment

The commencement of a new term brings a blend of exams, the buzz of refreshers, and an opportunity for students to realign their academic and social objectives for 2024. As a result, students may naturally redirect their attention to contemplate their career paths after graduation.

Redbus Media Group Separates its Retail and Gen Z Divisions

We’re delighted to announce some exciting news from our parent company, Redbus Ventures. Redbus Media divisions for Retail and Gen Z have now separated into two standalone companies, Eighteen-24 and Eighteen-24, each better positioned to allow for growth and to fulfil their full potential. Retail Media Group, as its name suggests, will operate solely in […]

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