Students: meet your next generation of consumers

With the second highest ever number of UK 18-year-olds applying to university or college last January, universities are preparing to welcome a new cohort of students, an estimated 600,000 freshers, according to UCAS data. There are strong variations by subject, with robust growth in courses such as computing (+9.6%) and law (+2.1%) but a fall […]

Gen Z’s fast fashion fix

Amongst bustling campuses across the country, a a vibrant scene of fashion unfolds as students rush from place to place. There’s glimpses of fast-fashion brands everywhere – a sea of colours, patterns, and logos from popular brands like H&M, Zara, Primark, ASOS and others. Trendy crop tops with bold, asymmetric graphics, ripped jeans, 90s aesthetics, […]

Freshers Week – let the adventures begin!

Freshers Week, without doubt, is the most important week of the first year at university – it’s the beginning of the academic year in September, before lectures commence and when students settle into new surroundings. It’s the first time students are away from home and the first time they’re making independent decisions. With student loans […]

Listen up students! Its Festival time!

Festival season is upon us! A chance to rock some insane fashion trends, have fun with friends while listening to your favourite tunes – what’s not to love? It’s a time for students to reboot their routines, and distract themselves into a different kind of reality for a while! The UK festival scene has so […]

The Importance of Student Unions to Students

The student union, the beating heart of university campus life, serves as a hub of activity, support, and community for students. It’s a place where students can come together to socialise, engage in extracurricular activities, seek assistance when needed and just hang out. For many students, the student union is a place to connect with like-minded […]

Students’ attitudes towards sustainability

Sustainability has become a crucial issue that affects all of us. With young people being the future of our society, it’s important to understand their attitudes toward sustainability and how they can play a role in creating a more sustainable future. Studies have shown that young people are more aware of the impact that humans […]

Evolution of Gen-Z spending habits

According to a recent study, Gen-Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) have different spending habits compared to students of previous generations. Here are some key differences which may help with marketing to this audience. Overall, Gen-Z has different spending habits compared to previous generations of students. They prioritise technology and experiences, value social and environmental […]

Breaking through to the Next Generation

University students are often seen as the ultimate target audience for brands – young, smart, and willing to try new things. On the downside, they are notoriously difficult to convince, with their constantly evolving tastes in fashion, music, and movies. With brand loyalties yet to be formed and minds open to persuasion, connecting with this […]

Eighteen-24 network expands

Brands can now reach even more students across the UK with the addition of University of York to our Eighteen-24 network. New digital six sheets have been installed across the university’s three campuses, which has an enrolment of nearly 20,000 students. Most recently, University College London (UCL) joined the network, which is the third largest […]

The 2021/22 academic year has kicked off with a bang!

Universities across the UK are hosting Freshers’ fairs and events to welcome students back on campus With students back at university, brands including Kellogg’s, Instagram, Kopparberg, Arriva and others are tapping into the excitement and buzz on campus with engaging student marketing campaigns running on our digital advertising screens. Check out our gallery to view […]

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