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Freshers Week Adventures

Freshers Week, without doubt, is the most important week of the first year at university – it’s the beginning of the academic year in September, before lectures commence and when


Festival Time for Students

Festival season is upon us! A chance to rock some insane fashion trends, have fun with friends while listening to your favourite tunes – what’s not to love? It’s a


The Importance of Student Unions

The student union, the beating heart of university campus life, serves as a hub of activity, support, and community for students. It’s a place where students can come together to socialise,


Student Attitudes Towards Sustainability

Sustainability has become a crucial issue that affects all of us. With young people being the future of our society, it’s important to understand their attitudes toward sustainability and how


Evolution of Gen Z Spending Habits

According to a recent study, Gen-Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) have different spending habits compared to students of previous generations. Here are some key differences which may help with


Engaging & Advertising to University Students

University students are often seen as the ultimate target audience for brands – young, smart, and willing to try new things. On the downside, they are notoriously difficult to convince,


Network Expansion

Brands can now reach even more students across the UK with the addition of University of York to our Eighteen-24 network. New digital six sheets have been installed across the


Freshers’ Fairs 2021/22

Universities across the UK are hosting Freshers’ fairs and events to welcome students back on campus With students back at university, brands including Kellogg’s, Instagram, Kopparberg, Arriva and others are


QR Codes and Gen Z

Thanks to the revival and adoption of QR codes we are starting to see growing adoption in OOH, turning stagnant billboards into immersive AR, video or digital shopping experiences with


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